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Get ready for some nudist fun in the sun this summer with one or more of our fantastic nudist beach towels! Our fun and stylish range of nudist beach towels are perfect for the nudist beach or pool and will add fun and laughter for a great day of pure nudism! Whether you call yourself a nudist or a naturist, or someone who just likes to sunbath nude, we have a beach towel for you! There are towels for cool dude beach bums, moonlight skinny dippers, proud nudist men and women, back to nature nudist singles and healthy naked families,- nudist moms, nudist dads and nudist kids too! There are also funny nudist slogan towels to keep everyone amused and even towels for topless teens who prefer to show some cheek wearing fashionable thong swimwear! Take our beach towels to the beach or your nudist/naturist club and get naked! We also have on sale a selection of fantastic bath towels that are ideal for your nude home life! All our nudist themed towels our on sale in our Sand Dunes shop. Take a look now and checkout our full range!


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Make your home into your own private nudist/naturist club with these fun  products!  Whether you call yourself a nudist or a naturist, it's time to make your home nude friendly with these fun accessories! There are clocks for your naked office, nude club house, and costume free hot tub. Some great door signs and doormats to add that extra nudist/naturist club feeling and to warn any unsuspecting visitors that they are entering your naked realm. Why not add some extra clothes free fun with our nude themed mugs, and coasters, key rings and pens. And when you are cooking you may like to protect your bits with a nude themed apron! Alas when it's time to leave your naked haven and visit Textile Land, don't forget to take with you your nudist/naturist themed shopping bag and make that bold statement that you are proud of your clothes free lifestyle! There is a whole lot more naked fun stuff to be found in our Sand Dunes online store! Take a nude look around and see what is available for you and your family and friends today!


We have now added our new Zazzle Shop SAND DUNES to our range of shops. Our range of designs are especially tailored for us nudists/naturists and includes a wide range of fun and unique designs. There are some fantastic T. shirts and hoodies (for the whole family), that are just perfect for wearing while traveling to and from the nudist beach or club! Also on sale are Bags, Clocks, Hats, Thongs, Aprons, Mugs, Key Rings, Bumper Stickers and a lot of other exciting stuff which will all add extra fun and laughter to your nude lifestyle. Great gifts for your naked friends and family! Please click on the link below to visit our Zazzle Shop.

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Whether you just have a small garden paddling pool for the kids or are lucky enough to have a full size swimming pool, a Naked Pool Party is always great fun on those hot summer afternoons! Get the pool out and organize a pool party with your friends and relatives or have a special pool party for the kids where the only thing you need to bring is your birthday suit! Click on the shop link below and see what fantastic products are available in the Sand Dunes store for your Naked Pool Party!


Many of us love a day at the beach, and us nudists and naturists believe the best way to enjoy the sun, sea and sand is to go nude. So why not leave that swimsuit at home and visit a nudist beach! Get together with family and friends and make it a real special day to remember, and why not give out a few novelty gifts just for added fun! Click on the Sand Dunes shop links below and see what fabulous products are available in the shops for your Nude Beach Day!


Whether you embrace the nudist/naturist lifestyle or not, there is nothing like the joy and excitement of going skinny dipping.  Stripping off and that rush and splash into cool clear water is one activity that everyone should try at least once in there life! Naked swimming is a great way to stay healthy and fit and it's a whole lot more fun too! So get together with your friends and organize a fun Skinny Dipping Splash and make it a day or night to remember!  Click on the Sand Dunes shop link below and see what great products are available for your Skinny Dipping Splash!


Nudism/Naturism is one way to open the door to a new life with your partner. It is a perfect lifestyle to create a healthy strong bond together. Why not show the love of your life that you love them and your naked life together by way of giving a fun gift to make him or her smile! Sand Dunes sells a great range of nudist and naturist products that make super gifts for your clothes free lifestyle! Click on the Sand Dunes shop link below and see what nudist products are for sale in the shop for your other half!


Coming from a Textile family I did not have the advantages of a nudist upbringing or any of the benefits that playing naked outdoors in a nudist environment bring. The closest I got to a nudist lifestyle was bathing and showering with my sister who is six years older than me and this went on until I was about seven or eight years of age. I'm sure our mutual nudity had a positive effect on both of us seeing the differences between our naked bodies. But my first real experience of being outdoors naked was when I was 11. In May 1980 I went with my school, on a trip to an adventure camp for a week. We did a number of activities, fossil hunting, hiking, cooking on a camp fire, going on a motorboat, etc, but it was orienteering that led to my first nudist experience. One morning with our map and compass we went in pairs orienteering, trudging mile after mile through woods and over fields before becoming hopeless lost. Eventually we came upon another 'lost' pair of orienteerers, (two girls from our school) and all four of us went on together. We had not gone far when we found ourselves on a deserted stretch of shingle beach. We sat down at the waters edge and watched the waves breaking onshore. We all felt quite hot from all the walking and the water looked so inviting! We dared each other to go in for a swim to cool down but we did not have our swimsuits with us! My friend suggested that we could go in, in our underwear, but the girls did not want to get their underwear wet and so they suggested we go skinny dipping instead. It was going to have to be nude or not at all! It all seemed so daring! So after taking a final look around to make sure nobody was in sight, together we stripped off our clothes and in fits of giggles we all rushed naked into the water! However, to our shock we soon discovered that the sea in early May is not as warm as it looks, in fact it is freezing! Hence needless to say we were in and out in a dash! A few giggling minutes for the breeze to dry us, then we hurriedly got dressed and back to our map reading. It was all very innocent. However, the joy and freedom of being nude in the open air, liberated from ones clothing was for me my first steps into nudism/naturism. 

Nudism or Naturism! - To be Naked as Nature Intended.